LIonforge Global

Transportation Security

We, at Lionforge Logistics, are proud to deliver you completely safe and secure information for your items. There are lots of transportation and logistics companies that have the major responsibility of moving high-value products from one destination to another. Such companies require complete security systems in order to minimize loss and theft and protect their personnel.

Here, we deliver advanced quality security services from pick-up to delivery as our worldwide security teams endeavor to serve the highest standards of security no matter whether it is across the city or around the world. We are very serious about security and privacy and took drastic measures to make the service safer and secure for users.

It is our main aim to serve our customers with the most secure logistics solutions that are why we are constantly striving to enhance our security services by focusing on risk-mitigating events. By eliminating exposure to crime and terrorism, we protect employees, assets, and customers’ goods.

Moreover, we do not store the content of your emails. We only examine automatically the content of your emails in order to decide whether to track it or not. Here, we never look at the content of your emails.

Our Security Squad

Our security team mainly focuses on every single aspect of security, giving completely hassle-free services:

  • – Building Systems
  • – Creating and Executing Global Security Strategies
  • – Sharing Best Practice
  • – Security Performance Management
  • – Delivering Single Points of Contact for our Strategic Customer at a Senior Level.
  • – Supporting the Field Security Teams

Along with these, we will also implement some of the extra security measures in areas of high risk. When it comes to talking about these measures, it includes:

  • – Security Systems
  • – Improved Site Control
  • – GPS & More

Our Partners

For providing our services on land, on the waters, and in the air, we rely on our excellent network of internationally renowned partners, with which we have long and well-proven relationships; but also new partners are being introduced to our network as we go along and open up new opportunities and tackle new