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Lionforge Logistics is a leading transportation and logistical service provider, competing in Hong Kong with a specific focus on transport by air, ocean, ground, rail or any combination in-between. Known for supporting industry and trade in the global exchange of goods, the company specializes in land transport, contract logistics, air, and ocean freight across the world and supply chain management.

No matter whether you are asset or non-asset based, local or global, moving shipments become easier with us as we are handling domestic traffic as well as international freight shipping. We have a veteran team of staff members for every single item, who make use of right equipment for every size of packaging to keep it in the right place. Our team of specialists makes sure that we deliver secure seaworthy packaging that you are looking for.

Cohesive logistics centers at the world’s most important intersections, allowing us to trail flows of goods converge that develop an effective link between all carriers. With a good position in Oil & Gas equipment, Pipes, Coal, high-tech consumer goods, trade fair forwarding, special transports, and services major corporates, we have achieved a real added value by completing goods, adding product inserts for using and packaging.

Dedicated to providing time and cost optimized services for general cargo to partial and full loads, we have a strong presence in the logistics industry because of our quality services and commitment.

We, at Lionforge Logistics, deliver following logistics services

Air Transport

Undeniably, Air Freight is a huge global market that is expanding constantly, enabling you to send any item overseas using a freight service by air. An air cargo shipping service can be used to send an A4 envelop of documents or large and heavy oil drilling equipment.

Many a time, commercial aero planes are not sufficient for these fright movements; however, for big and heavier cargo, freighter aircraft are utilized. Lionforge Logistics provide customized solutions for all your airfreight requirements. We ensure that our provided services offer fast transit times from origin to destination, taking short flying time between countries.

Providing a complete package of premium, value-added services, and high-quality products that especially tailor-made for your needs, Lionforge allows you to choose the best service that suffices your business needs. Our team ensures that you get a smooth and instant introduction to our systems and get familiar with it.

Ocean Freight

Ocean Freight is also considered as one of the best ways of transporting goods to varied places across the world. Oceans are covering maximum landmass of the plant; therefore, they provide people with an easy yet simple mode of transportation.

Lionforge Logistics is a right choice for ocean freight transportation as it serves a complete range of customized solutions for your specific ocean freight requirements. We have strong relations with shipping lines that allow us to provide our customers with access to a global carrier portfolio.

No matter whether you are looking to import heavy goods like industrial parts, automobiles, machinery or anything else, Lionforge Logistics offer a wide range of Ocean Freight services for both Less-Than-Container Load (LCL) and Full-Container Load (FCL) shipments.

Road Freight

Road Freight services are the most common of all the varied options that one might think of in the transport industry. Road remains the best option when it comes to transiting services for export goods that need to be transported from one country to another.

At Lionforge, we make of rich and advanced quality carriers that give enormous benefits like improved service levels, time-definite deliveries, and greater flexibility. Our team of specialists has special expertise in transport management and planning that enable us to design a specific solution, which meets your requirements.

Moreover, we are capable of monitoring and instantly react to situations like bad weather, extra pick-ups or heavy traffic as we make use of a global network of control towers and high-end technology.


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Our Partners

For providing our services on land, on the waters, and in the air, we rely on our excellent network of internationally renowned partners, with which we have long and well-proven relationships; but also new partners are being introduced to our network as we go along and open up new opportunities and tackle new